Shape Shifting

Fashion editor Chris Law has a front row seat writing about menswear design and trend on a daily basis—keeping track of how both are constantly taking new shapes. In an ever-changing fashion world, he puts his own style and health goals into focus.
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Words by Good Counsel

Portraits by Justin Bridges

Videography by Justin Bridges

Listen to the Audio Optimized Interview

Tell us a little bit about who you are.

I’m Chris Law, I’m a fashion editor at Gilt and I also style a little bit. I started in product development for a private label brand and got into writing just a few years ago.

What’s you’re favorite part about what you do?

It’s all kind of the same, right? It’s getting people to look at fashion differently whether they’re wearing it, whether they want to buy it—I like it all.

Here at Good Counsel, size-inclusivity is front and center.

You’ve challenged yourself to lose weight recently, can you share on that? It started with health. watching what I ate. Guys aren’t really told that you’re putting on weight, or that you have weight. Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out my size. I’m still thinking about my old size. Even today, I was like, I don’t know if this will fit.

What’s it like buying for yourself, trying to find your size?

It can be frustrating, at any level. You go there and it’s, nope, this doesn’t fit. Or it fits way bigger than you’re used to shopping for. Am I really a 38” waist? Am I a 34” waist? That kind of thing. But I learned that every brand fits differently, to not take it personally.

How do you go about defining your own personal style?

I think it’s ever-evolving but I know that it’s how I’m feeling that day. That’s where I start.

Does trend influence what you’re putting on?

I think that you’re definitely paying attention. Especially with the streetwear craze, I find myself doing less suiting, more oversize pieces. You definitely want to pay attention, you wanna be relevant in how you’re dressing but still have those classic pieces that carry you through.

How have you incorporated streetwear into your wardrobe?

I think if we’re honest it’s always been there the luxury part is the difference. Me personally, I don’t do that much of it, but I’ll put in a piece here and there.

What are some of your favorite brands?

I really love Robert Geller; I like John Elliott, I appreciate what he does—he’s taken really simple things and elevated them. I like what EFM (Engineered for Motion) is doing, and Gucci.

What’s your style comfort zone—what’s important to you when you get dressed?

I’m probably one of the few guys for whom comfort is not my first go-to because I’m comfortable in jeans and I’m okay there. I dress for occasion but again, I also dress how I’m feeling. I love to mix and match; I like that suiting is being worn with sneakers; I like that concept; I never want to be too much on one side of anything.

Any style rules?

Before I leave the house, take one thing off, for sure. I think editing is so important in life but also just in style. Rules, I don’t know… it should fit. It should fit, whatever that means for you—and it should fit who you are. If you wouldn’t wear it Tuesday, don’t wear it because it’s Fashion Week. You should wear it however you feel.

Favorite piece of clothing to bring out the house?

Oh goodness. I love hats. And I don’t know if that's because I’m bald but I love hats—wider brims. For sure a hat, I’m not usually without it.

We’re all more than just what we put on—what’s your take on design, how do you make that a part of your life?

I’ll be really honest—I had someone design my apartment—a friend of mine is an interior decorator, shout out to Kira. She took the same approach I would take to styling, with all her choices reflecting my personality. In general, I like to look at the best and mix high and low. That’s how I like to dress generally so that’s how I look at the rest of design.

When people meet you, what about you do you hope will resonate with them?

I always want people to dress their best, I don’t know if that’s a trait but that’s how I am. Especially with my size, you never wanna be known for something with an asterisk. You dress good for a this or you good for a that. I just want to dress well.